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Satellite and TV Aerial Installation & Repair in Cheshire

Covering Crewe, Northwich, Middlewich & surrounding towns in Cheshire including Sandbach, Holmes Chapel & Winsford.

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Our TV Aerial Services include...

We cover Cheshire including Middlewich, Crewe & Northwich

TV Aerial Installations & Repairs

Freesat/Satellite Installation & Repairs

TV System Fault Finding & Diagnosis

TV System Set Up


Satellite and TV Aerial Installation & Repair in Cheshire

Why are we called H&D Satellite & Aerials? You may think it is something to do with High Definition, as in High Definition TV’s. Well it is, but it is also the initials of my wife Helen and me, Dave! HD televisions where just coming onto the market when we set up on our own over 10 years ago and we thought it would be a catchy name. We are a local business based in Middlewich and find ourselves between the two main centres of Crewe and Northwich. These two towns and the smaller towns around them tend to define our operating area. Limiting ourselves to the local area lets us provide a better attentive service to our local customers. With a small business like ours we are always happy to pop out and help a customer and if it’s a small local job this is reflected in the price due to the small distances we have had to travel.

Often the purchase of a new TV or a switch from Sky to Freeview, BT or TalkTalk will highlight a problem with the customers aerial. Also after a new aerial installation the customer sometimes encounters problems, unrelated to the aerial installation, we find in most cases it is usually a problem with the operation of their new TV or Box. As we are a local Cheshire company we are always happy to pop back to take a second look and help a customer out. You may not get this level of service with a large nationwide company.

We use quality materials and latest equipment on all our installations as a first class job is a priority to us. In the end I want a positive outcome for you because my business reputation, good name and future work relies on it.

Fully Trained and qualified in TV Aerial & Satellite Installations and Repairs.

Fully Trained, Equipped and Certificated for Working at Height’s Safely. £2 million Public Liability Insurance.

TV Aerials

The Aerial’s we use are selected for their Signal Qualities and Noise Rejection as standard, but also as important their Robustness, Longevity, Strength and Lightness.

Our Brackets are chosen for their size and strength appropriate to the job in hand, but also their corrosion resistance. All our Brackets are Galvanised.

Size, Strength and Corrosion resistance also apply to the Poles we select. All our Poles are manufactured from aluminium alloy.

All Cables we use are double shielded and we always offer the customer the option of completing the job with a Fitted Wallplate socket.

The Mounting and Fixing of Aerials or Dishes is probably the most over looked factor when purchasing an Aerial. A badly Installed Aerial or Dish will eventually cost you money. It will not last the test of time and could seriously damage your property.

All our Aerials and Dishes are Fitted securely to Chimneys with strapping or Fixed into Brick wall and Not into barge boards on an undersized bracket as commonly seen.

There are two T.V. Free to Air transmissions in the U.K., Freeview and FreeSat, both offer similar channels.



Freeview is received through a TV Aerial and FreeSat is received through a Satellite Dish. Most TV's sold in the U.K. have a Freeview Digital Tuner built into them. You can buy TV’s with a FreeSat Tuner built into them but they come at a Higher premium. Most people who watch FreeSat do so through a FreeSat Digital Box, and one will be required for each standard Freeview TV.


However, FreeSat is a good alternative if you live in a poor Freeview signal area such as Kelsall. In Kelsall it is difficult to get a signal from the Winter Hill transmitter. It is possible to pick up Freeview signals from Midland or Welsh transmitters in Kelsall, but you do not get local news programmes such as Granada Reports for example. This problem is overcome with FreeSat as it defines its region from the postcode you enter into the settings on your FreeSat Box. If you require FreeSat we are happy to pop round and give a free no obligation quote


Learn more about TV Aerials

TV signals are transmitted over Airwave frequencies. The frequencies available for different things like TV, Radio or Air traffic control etc are limited.

With the introduction of new technologies like mobile phones, far better use of this limited frequency range had to be found.

The old TV signals where analogue signals and these took a lot of bandwidth of the limited frequency band and was a limitation to new and more TV channels.

However, if the TV broadcasts switched to Digital signal, the channels would take less bandwidth and a lot more TV channels could be squeezed into a smaller space.

This is why the digital switchover happened and with it the government sold off the higher frequencies of the TV range to the Mobile phone companies.

As with everything, things change, we now have 4G phones and next will be the roll out of 5G. With each new technology the TV Broadcasts will be pushed down the frequency range into a smaller and smaller space.  

 TV and the mobile phone frequencies are right next to each other and this can cause interference of your TV picture. Every new step in modern technology will provide challenges to your TV reception.

There are many reasons for your TV pictures to break up and pixilate, but in most cases it’s because you have a poor or weak signal from your Aerial system.

How well your Aerial system stands to up to these new challenges is dependent on how strong and robust it is. A weak or poor system is more liable to interference.

Old Analogue TV Aerials where tuned to specific frequencies for specific areas, with different areas allocated different frequencies. The Granada region aerials are tuned to the higher frequencies which have now been sold off to the mobile phone industry.

As the digital TV signals moved down the frequency range the Aerial Industry introduced wideband aerials (A Digital Aerial) to better receive signals at lower frequencies. The Latest wideband Aerials are also tuned to try and reject 4G signals.

This trend of moving TV channels down the frequency range and squeezing the different regions together into a smaller space will probably continue with introduction of 5G.

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